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Minneapolis Titans' COVID-19 Strategy

Covid-19 Guidelines

Please review the City of Lakes Covid-19 guidelines below.  These documents will be updated as needed.

With games starting soon, here are some of the rules put in place by our most often used facilities:

The scorer’s/announcer’s/penalty box should be staffed by no more than two persons,  preferably from the same household, and should be staffed by the home team. If off-ice  officials are not from the same household, they should maintain social distancing at all  times. Masks should be worn by off ice officials at all times. 

 2 spectators per player for games. Strongly recommend no siblings, grandparents, or  friends.  

(NEA/Parade only) No spectators for Coaches-on-Ice scrimmages or “controlled scrimmages”.  

(Parade only) No spectators for the Studio Rink for any type of use practice, game, scrimmage).  

(NEA/Parade Only) Spectators will enter the facility at game time.  

Spectators will exit immediately following the game.  

Spectators will sit in designated areas in the stands.  

Spectators will maintain 6 feet between spectators or household groups.

Also, If a member of a player's household tests positive, that player must stay home for 14  days. Even if the player receives a negative test result, they need to complete 14 days of  quarantine before returning to the team. If another member of the household tests positive,  the 14-day quarantine resets at the most recent positive test result.